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Need help with staking? Or just want to chat Cardano? join our discord server

Read more about our WMT token sharing promotion in this blog

Next WMT snapshot

Stake with ADA4Good to earn World Mobile Tokens (WMT) on top of your ADA rewards

Educate, Connect & Empower

A4G Stake pool works with Save the Children and Word Mobile to Educate, Connect and Empower our Children!

This blog has been moved to the main website: WMT promotion

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Start staking with Yoroi Wallet!

  1. Open "Receive" tab, copy your wallet address and send ADA there.

  2. Open "Delegation List" tab and type "ADA4Good" in the search field.

  3. Press "DELEGATE" button and follow further instructions.

  4. Enjoy Staking with us!

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